Neharika Makam


    Neharika is the current President of the 3D Printing club in her school. She is a proud head organizer of the first-ever 3D Printing Designathon planned and conducted by high school students. She is currently working on a larger scale Designathon in 2019. To further her knowledge of 3D printing, she is an intern at a 3D printing company known as Gemmo 3D. As the CEO of the company Mindspark, she hopes to be able to share her knowledge on CAD design as well as programming. In her free time, she enjoys debating as well as holding debating classes where she loves showing children the best way to improve their public speaking skills. She hopes that through her education, she will be able to help others in the future, especially people in third world countries.




Teaching Roles:
Introduction to Website Development (view), Intermediate Website Development (view)

Other Roles: